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Story Wheel

Apr 17, 2017Homeschooling, Story Time0 comments

囡囡愛講故仔比我聽.有時用一本書去讀會太傳統或太悶,我就用Story Wheel (故事輪) 去同佢一起讀故仔.


Story Wheel, 這個方法我地之前讀Alligator eats the seeds時已用過,而且佢這個歲數用另類方式讀佢覺得好玩之於也會容易記得個故仔.

我發覺depends你用的方式去講及選擇那一類的故仔做story wheel會增加同小朋友講故仔的interaction,比起傳統揸住本書講,佢地更專注同埋覺得係玩,咁的方式讀故仔都幾好的.

今日我地學C for Caterpillar,咁我就選擇 “A Very Hungry Caterpillar”呢個故仔,因這個故仔可以教小朋友蝴蝶點樣出生,星期一至日, 食物名稱及學習數數字.

做Story Wheel,其實好簡單


  • 2隻紙碟
  • 膠水
  • 魚尾釘
  • 剪刀

你可以自己畫或黎呢度圖案然後可以同小朋友一起塗上顏色 (若你選擇了黑白色打印) (有時自家教學的材料小朋友也可以幫手), 然後係其中一隻紙碟剪一個三角形,把其他圖案貼上另一個隻碟上的三角形位子 (跟據故事的發展而貼),最後在兩隻碟中間整穿一個小圓圈放入魚尾釘就ok了.

A Very Hungry Caterpillar係講一條好肚餓的毛毛蟲第1日食了一顆蘋果,第2日食了兩隻梨,第3日食左3顆梅子 ,第4日食了4粒士多啤梨,第5日食了5隻橙, 第6日食了蛋糕,芝士,腸仔…..等等,之後佢變成蛹,之後變成蝴蝶.
我地仲同時整左一條毛毛蟲,用雪條棒同poms poms.


My daughter loves telling story to me, but sometimes reading from a book can get boring and not that fun. So I decided to use Story Wheel to do story, we did one before when we were learning letter A – the Alligator eating seeds and she had a blast and always wanted to read it again or she wanted to tell the story.

I think it depends how you tell the story and the choice of story, sometimes I feel that Story wheel actually allows you to interact more when reading the story and make it much more fun and at her age right now, it is a fun way for her to read, and tell story and I think she pays more attention more and remember the stories better.

It is very easy to make a story wheel, all you need are

  1. 2 paper plates
  2. scissors
  3. glue
  4. pin

Since we are learning letter C, so I picked the story “A Very Hungry Caterpillar” which I think it teaches the life cycle of the butterfly but also counting.

You can draw your own picture or you can find the picture template here and I let me daughter to color with me so it is not only me always to prepare the homeschool material (which I don’t have all the time) and it is like her making her own story book as well.

This is not only a homeschooling topic post or just for homeschool, but it can be an activity with kids during free time/holiday.

At the same time, we made a caterpillar out of Popsicle stick and pompoms.