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Jan 28, 2023 | Story books | 0 comments

Children’s Book – Your House My House

I found a new children’s book today – Your House, my house by Marianne Debu.  I am recently changing the types of books that my kids are reading.  Eventhough I have a 9 yrs old and a 6 yrs old, they are both capable to read chapter books, however, as simple and as innocent some chapter books are, I think some of the concepts may not be suitable for their age.  Life has enough relationships to deal with and with their little brains, I believe I do not need to add more complicated drama or relationship or certain attitudes that show unkind to the characters to their lives.

The first book I picked up is Your House, my house.  The drawings just attracted me right away.  Simple and it is kind of drawings that my daughter would love and how she is learning to draw right now.

Short story lines and love how busy you would be because there are so much the picture provided in the background, for example, in the this story, while narrating the rabbit’s birthday, but there are 3 little piggy trying to run away from the wolf in the background or how those little mice woke up the neighbour; the owl.  It is pretty interesting and fun to read.

Then, I saw the author also wrote 1,2,3 off school, Mr. Postmouse takes a trip…etcetc. I am sure there are little books that little kids will read it again and again.




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