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Chinese New Year Card Activity

Jan 24, 2019 | Homeschooling

就快到農曆新年啦! 細細個發覺呢, 新年既節目係無乜啱小朋友玩,成日都係去人地屋企拜年,食飯,打機,睇電視,鋤大d, 魚蝦蟹,打麻……呢d都係賭錢的,唔係好適合小朋友玩既遊戲.係可以玩boardgame,因香港呢幾年慢慢become a trend…. 但係真係要玩d農曆有新年氣氛既真係無乜…所以我整左副同農曆新年有關既撲克牌.整呢個遊戲其實找一d我的既小朋友可以學數宇同新年既活動. 若你記得點玩蓋棉被就會知道點玩.你可收到我的店度下載. Enjoy!



It is almost Chinese New Year! I realised that there are not much activities for children when I was a child celebrating Chinese New Year, most activities were gambling or at least the concept of gambling. So I created a card game that looks like playing slapjack but it has Chinese New Year icons and Chinese Numbers which are great way to teach children concepts of Chinese numbers.

You can download it from my store. Enjoy and Happy Chinese New Year!