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This year I am using a minimalist approach in homeschooling.  

I really think that a pack curriculum and a thick tight schedule (like public school) does not benefit to one of my kiddos.

Interest-led and flexible have less pressure and they learn best in that way.

I really do not want to waste any pages or books that I bought, so I go the route of borrowing library books which has tons of resources.

We learn about Canada in Fall semester and because I have a grade 4 and a grade 1, they love coloring, so I use the coloring pages from

They have so much fun in knowing the flag, the province bird and flower. 

I also create some “stickers” that represented each province.  I of course not only use The Big Book of Canada for information as well as searching online. I also use the Explore series for each province.

I feel we have more success in learning this week and have a lot of fun then sitting still, listening to what I read and filling out worksheet.





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