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Learning Cantonese – Lesson 1

Apr 8, 2018 | Homeschooling | 0 comments


  1. 十個信封 (寫上1至10)
  2. 10枝雪條棒(寫上1至10)
  3. 1至10的中文表 (可按這裡download)
  1. 幾個不同顏色的信封
  2. 幾枝不同顏色的雪條棒
My daughter loves challenges.  She actually challenges me everyday to create something new and challenging for her to do and learn.
I figured out that so far, learning different language would be the “hardest” task for her to do, and it seems that these language activities that I created; she played longer.
So I use 10 different envelopes (Write 1-10 in Cantonese) and 10 Popsicle sticks (which you write the number 1 – 10 on each one) and for her to do matching. I sticks the envelops on the wall and she matches with Popsicle sticks. Since I don’t want to create pressure for her to learn a different language, I draw out a chart (you can click here and download it) that has the number 1 – 10 and the 1-10 in Cantonese writing. So when she is unsure, she can go ahead and check it herself, which I think this will help her to start self learning.
However, since my little 2 years old still too young to learn language, (we tried it out the other day learning body parts, and he got totally confused after we switched back to English, I decided that he wasn’t ready), so instead, I use colored Popsicle sticks to match the colored envelope.  Same idea, except, for him to learn colors and sort colors.  So it is a kind of good activity for both of them.


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