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Art Lesson

Apr 10, 2018 | Homeschooling

一直以黎,囡囡都愛創作, 聖誕節時我買了一個工具盒比佢,讓佢任何時間都去創作.
特別係一個細細的城市度, 宜家叫做多左不同的公司或NGO都有offer教畫畫,但係我地兩公婆覺得咁細個,又唔係要佢咁快要master一d skills做professional,唔需要幾歲人仔18本武藝,我地情願到佢大個d,真係從心想要學一樣野時,佢既committment可能會大d.唔會無啦啦上一半突然唔鐘意.
平時,囡囡的日子,佢常常自己自由創作,不過有時我覺得佢都需要不同的 stimulations.
我個人覺得呢本書簡單,材料更簡單.只需要七張顏色   就可以創作不同的動物.
可以教小朋友,有時一些形狀係唔同的角度又不同的睇法, 幾好玩,又可以讀故仔書,又唔需要特別去上小朋友的美術,簡簡單單係屋企都可以做到.
My oldest kid loves creating, so I bought her a tool box during Christmas time (full of gems, tapes, scissors, pompoms, pipecleaners…etcetc) for her to create at anytime.
I am sure that if I still lived in HK with the kids, we probably already attend 10 different extra curriculum classes.
I am sure too that my family have already thoughts we should let our kids to attend different classes and let her explored.  Well, I don’t disagree about letting her to explore, but really I know her learning style, she is not one of those who will sit down and learning things in one direction.  Especially, in a small city that we are living in, they don’t really offer art classes for 4 years old.  The demand is different in here than in HK.  Plus we don’t need her to master certain skills in such a young age, I would rather her to beg for learning or attending classes laster on her life as she might have higher commitment than kids who would give up half way through.
Ms 4 actually creates all the time everyday, but sometimes I think she still needs other stimulations to go to the next time.
So now I arrange a 30mins time period with her reading a book and through the book, we create.