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Importance of homeschooling

May 22, 2018 | Homeschooling


相入面既係我前幾日準備教囡囡 H for Hat的Gross Motor (大肌的)的游戲,有時候家長唔需要用好多錢都可以教到小朋友.

我用一個唔再用的container,撕去招紙再油上Cat in the Hat的顏色帽, 加上一個紙碟就變成一頂帽.





The most important thing about homeschooling is not how high the education level is of the parent but rather the parent’s patience and willingness.

We don’t need a lot of fancy and expensive education tools to teach our kids. We can just use simply thing.

I was prepping H for Hat activities few days ago and an idea came across and I made the thing in the photo.
Simply an unused mayo jar and put paint on it (the Cat in Hat’s theme color) and a paper plate, Viola! Here is the hat.

Then I add some beans in the balloons (don’t inflat them) and then it becomes a gross motor activity to do at home.

Easy, simple and cost less.