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Ice Cream Mixing Colors

Sep 12, 2018 | Homeschooling

我地呢個星期屋企既自家教學係學I for ice cream,好多時候一個星期4日我都會準備4個英文生字同個個星期既 Letter有關.
我雖然已經prep好 Ice cream既學習櫃比佢地,但係今年我都想專注番科學既題目因為佢地兩個都好鐘意科學.
之前暑期既時候我地油畫時, 我特意只買紅,藍,黃既acrylic paints,等大囡自然地學混色, 小朋友既好奇心係大既,等佢自由發揮去研究又可以玩一個鐘以上.
我既店度會有呢個活動既工作紙賣 (真係唔想叫做工作紙,但係叫玩既紙或活動紙又好奇怪…haha), 有中英文版,同埋唔係一定要用雪糕,第3張係普通顏料既圖案.

Well, at our home this week, we are learning I for ice cream. So I set up our learning shelf and it includes maths, and letters, matching items, however, I do consider that children as this young age should learn some science as well. Of course, who will not like painting and coloring when it comes to playing, so I think mixing color unit will be great for the kids to learn.

During the summer time, we actually ‘accidentally’ came across learning this as Ms 4 loves painting and apparently at that time I only have red, blue, and yellow acrylic paints left, so it kind of ‘force’ my oldest to mix the colors in order to create other colors she wanted to paint.  So when I was thinking what kind I include as Science in this ice cream unit, I create this worksheet and revisit this learning concept again.

Grab your paints at home, just red, blue and yellow and go ahead mix it around when you work on these activities sheet.

I also create a matching activity as I know toddlers would love to do something like that, well at least my Mr 2.5 years old.

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