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Fall Scavenger Hunt

Oct 4, 2018 | activity sheet/package, Home activities

Fall is here! I have made a Fall theme learning shelf for the kids to play and learn.
When I was cleaning up the shelf today, Mr 2.5 saw that I took the sensory box I made for Fall theme and he decided to play again with it.
My Fall sensory box has leaves (in different colors), acorn, pumpkins, if you have corn, go ahead and put in it, I just totally forgot for mine.
They can be different sizes, different texture for them to try and touch.
But I also added some mathematics activity in it since the two love maths and numbers.
I have uploaded a pdf file for this activity, parents can just put the numbers of the items you want the kids to find in the box in the square and let the children follow the paper and find the items in the box
or ask the kids to write down the numbers of items they have found.  This can be a good quiet box/quiet play as well.
秋天到啦, 咁我就整左個秋天既主題比佢地兩個小朋友可以玩之於又可以學習.
今日我打掃既時候攞左個秋天既主題既感統盒出黎, 細佬見到就開始玩.
我呢個感統盒除左有唔同既樹葉,南瓜, 松子呀,(你可以放粟米,今年我又唔記得買) 唔同大細或質地可以放入去, 比佢地嘗試捉摸.
我係我的店上載左一張呢個活動既工作紙, 家長只要係個正方形入面寫上你想小朋友係盒入面找到個件物件既數目,然後比小朋友去找,
或叫小朋友填寫佢係盒入面找到各物件既數目, 咁呢個活動可以係屋企當quiet play.